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    How to make UNIQUE sites using datafeeds??
    I want to know how to use datafeeds to avoid Duplicate content penalty and make it unique?? How to add contents to each page??

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    Maybe this thread will help,

    Or how about putting user's product reviews on the page?

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    I don't think "unique" is really the word you're after. Its easy to make a unique datafeed site by just mixing a small handful of feeds together with a unique design. But that isn't going to cut it.

    You need to make a *useful* site. That's the hard part. Just to be competitive you've got to update your prices daily with an automated system. You need to have a good number of related feeds, like over 50 datafeeds or 500,000 to 1,000,000 products. Then you need a solid search engine that has spot-on relevance. Not to mention a top-notch design done by a professional. Even with all that you probably won't gain much traction. You'll likely have to rely on SEO and PPC for traffic at this point.

    To build something that will grow you've got to come up with some sort of social tool that lets users interact over the products. Maybe a virtual economy so users can "buy" products with virtual money to show them off on their profile. Or maybe a site that lets users create lists of items in a smooth and seamless way. You've got to be creative. You might also want to consider using OpenID or Facebook Connect so users don't need to register directly with you. Universal logins are becoming very popular right now and I expect in a year or two every site will have multiple login options.

    Just think *useful* and you're on the right track. But don't forget that you need to be exhaustive in your selection and very fast with your updates.

    - Scott
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    You should be more concerned about how you can make your site unique and make sure that people have a reason to revisit regularly.

    Use the datafeeds as an addition to the content that you create yourself

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