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    Huge Football Fanatic df is failing my script??
    I've got a PHP script pretty much exactly like the one Mobilebadboy originated in this now-famous script thread. In fact, it's basically just the script he gave us there, as modified with some help from Mr. Sal and others within that excellent thread.

    My problem is this: The Football Fanatics datafeed at SAS is currently around 76,000 items. When I run my script, I get this error message (I have replaced my SAS user login ID with XXXX):

    "Connected to successfully as XXXX.
    Downloaded /7124/7124.txt from as 7124
    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 44635150 bytes) in /home/gear/public_html/dfeeds/footballfantable.php on line 44"

    Anybody know what I might be able to do to modify the script so it doesn't require so much memory to handle that large df?

    I have it on a domain hosted on a VPS I have with KnownHost. Their support people say the current PHP configuration is set to limit each PHP script to 128M of memory (or is it Gigs? I always forget with servers -- whatever), and that increasing the amount of allowed memory might crash the server. The support guy said he optimized the Apache server by setting the following values:

    Timeout 100
    MaxRequestsPerChild 1000

    Anybody got a suggestion? A code snippet and how I might work it out? I'd be happy to take a PM if anyone would want to help me that way.
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    This is off the top but try to use the zipped/compressed file and use the php function the reads compressed files. I am pretty sure it can be done. If you are still having problems post it her and I'll check back this evening. Hope that helps.

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    I have luck changing the memory allotment for just the time that a script needs to run and when it's done set it back. Ask your tech guys the easiest way for you to do that.
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    You should have plenty of memory allocated in your php.ini file - typically it's default is 128mb, more than enough for most functions.

    I suspect you have a small glitch in the script that is hanging up...

    Wish I could offer more...

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