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    How to handle a "one-time offer" - CPA/Lead networks?
    A client has asked me to recommend some partners who might be able to distribute a "one-time offer" (selling a product online), which is time-sensitive (the merchant will offer a single product, which will essentially be offered only during January). This would probably pay a fixed amount per sale transaction, probably $3 or $4 (the average transaction total might be only $10 to $12, including shipping). There is no data yet on CTR or conversion rate, but I've warned the client that everything is contingent on performance.

    Obviously, a traditional affiliate network won't work, with this short a lead time and no guarantee that there will be additional offers in the future.

    I've sent the client a list of about a dozen CPA/Lead networks, but I'd appreciate any additional suggestions. (I've also warned the client about potential abuse issues, as well as the likelihood of transaction fraud.)

    To clarify: If you work for a CPA/lead network, it's okay to email me (mark welch at mark welch dot com) with information about what your company does. I'd also appreciate any other feedback (positive or negative -- but not anonymous).

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    I don't see the viability for any larger network, regardless of whether or not they're CPA. Thirty days isn't enough time to make back the money they would spend on development and promotion....
    Joseph Lilly
    PartnerWeekly, LLC 702.407.0707 at

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