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    Incentive mistake
    As you all know, for the last few months, if an affiliate increases thier sales by 20% 4checks would give you a 10% increase. Well I finally did it from Octo-Nov a 20% increase. They made what monopoly calls a bank error in my favor. They was supposed to increase my commission by 10% but what they did was increase my commisison by 10% of the gross sales, a 40% increase in my commissions (i.e. if I was supposed to get $10 I received $40) This is clearly a mistake and I have emailed them. They should lower my commission by over $100. Everyone who got a bonus this month or in the past, you should check to see if you were overpaid. I emailed them, so they'll fix my overpayment and I assume they'll check everyone's payment.

    Hopefully, everyone who got this xmas gift of 4 times the bonus earned has already emailed them. 4checks is one of the best affiliate programs out there. They do what is right and us affiliate must do what's right too, even if it costs us 75% of the bonus money we got by mistake.
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    I appreciate everyone's hard work in November in efforts to reach the incentive goal. For those affiliates that were able to make 20% over their Oct sales revenue we gave an additional 10% in commissions.

    I thank Oranges for being a stand up guy, but I happy to say that there was no ‘bank error’. The additional 10% commission was intentionally paid out on the entire gross November sales amount generated, not just on the increased sales amount. This is an incentive and I want you to be rewarded of your efforts.

    Remember this incentive also extends to December, so if you make 20% over your Oct sales revenue we will give you an additional 10% in commissions on your gross sales.

    Kathy-Ann Viau
    4Checks Affiliate Manager

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