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    Want to start a web based business!
    Hello everybody, I want to have my own business on the web, like I find so many these days making good money online. I plan to set up an online store that will be dealing in sale of computer accessories and will later on expand my reach if I find some good profits in that. So, what are the important points to keep in mind while doing this? Waiting for your replies……

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    Welcome to the forum. Use the search function, it does work.

    You can start by reading around on this forum. You will find many answers to your questions already in a lot of different posts.

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    Most important don't quit your job. Making any money online takes time, years to get started. Your questions make it clear that you need to learn to crawl, then walk and someday maybe run. Welcome to ABW, an excellent place to teach yourself how it's done right. Read, read, read, use the search, take notes and read.
    Good luck

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    Tell us a little about your business, maybe we can help point you in a direction:

    How far have you gotten, what is your gameplan, website developed, do you have a sales/marketing strategy, do you need inventory, are you running "turn & burn sales" (one product sold in volume), or are you selling a variety?

    If these are not items you already know, this is the area you need to start.

    My advice would be to run it like a business, not a hobby. Don't expect to make money anytime soon (it will often take Google a month just to "realize" you exist) obviously there are shortcuts, but they often cost, and there are many, many pitfalls...

    My suggestion would be this...Don't buy anything. Don't even buy a "free" ebook. You will get much more info by conversing and looking up info yourself. Everything in this business sounds appealing. As soon as you can make yourself "dead" to the advertisements you will see promising internet success and "more traffic", the better you will be for it.

    Design a strategy, and drink a lot of coffee

    Good luck!

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    Before creating a store, Decide if you want to be merchant or Affiliate... Plan... Plan again and Focus on it afterward. This is what I am trying to Do after searching and wondering on internet.

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    Remember...Merchants can also start affiliateships, so don't feel that affiliate work is the only way to maximize residual income...

    Merchants can also have goods/services with re-occuring payments ( of the month, monthly music Cd's, whatever else.)

    Also, what skills/background to you bring to the table? What are you good at, and what can you teach?...All items to keep in mind...

    The list really does go on and on, but if you truly want to know, answer some of our questions, and give us some feedback...

    You never want to start an opportunity for the wrong reasons. Too many people start businesses that they hate...

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