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    Question Wealthy affiliate review
    Does anyone use wealthyaffiliate ? its $40 a month and they provide hosting. I was wondering if it a good deal or not. Please let me know your knowledge on wealthyaffiliate.


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    Use the search function.
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    Wealthy Affiliate presents basic and intermediate affiliate marketing skills in an organized format. They don't have any information that you could not find on ABW. In my opinion, the information on Abest is way better than what you will find on WA.

    Wealthy Affiliate has a forum that I have heard some people say is good.

    Wealthy Affiliate also has an affiliate program that lets you get so much per moth if someone signs-up with them through your referral link. This is why you must be careful with WA reviews; people often give it a very positive review so that you will sign-up through them and they will get a commission. Be leery of positive reviews that provide a link to WA at the end of the reveiw.

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    Don't commit yourself to a monthly fee. Build a site with a free service such as Ning, blogger, wordpress, etc... just to start going through the process of building a site and trying to drive traffic to it. Use Google Analytics to know who is on your site and where they came from. By starting a site like this, you will get a better idea of what questions to ask and what this market involves.

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