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    I Became a Merchant, Now What? :-)
    I've been an aff. since '98 and I "became a merchant" a couple years ago and have been working the copy in that time to keep bumping up conversions.

    Now that it's got a healthy conversion rate I need more affs, and was thinking about hiring an affiliate manger/OPM to do this since one of my strengths is not affiliate recruitment.

    I am considering hiring an affiliate manager on a commission-only basis to start with, is this advisable?

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    jacked by sylon
    Anyone that I would know would not work for a company without some kind of a guaranteed income. Would you??

    Commissions or bonuses are a way to increase your wages where you work in addition to your regular pay.

    What if your site is bad or can't convert. They would be working for you for nothing.

    Be realistic - Think about what it would take for you to take the job. It will take the same thing for anyone else to take it.

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    before you go hiring an AM or OPM, i'd suggest trying your hand at recruiting and managing affiliates for your program. A-it could be a good learning experience for you, and B- you might be able to save yourself some money without having to pay the salary or wage for the AM.

    most networks usually have some sort of indicator of which affiliates can perform for you. For example, with CJ, i try to reach out to CJP's (CJ performers) who have a track record of success and hence, i know can drive traffic for us. they're usually the ones i reach out to first. you can also try using the affiliate's EPC rating to determine whether or not they can perform for you.

    some suggestions, just in case you want to try hand at managing and recruiting affiliates yourself

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    You would have to open up the backend and give a percentage of existing sales to affiliates to interest an OPM. I get requests all the time to sell a product for 50% commission. 50% of nothing is nothing, go figure?

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    We are considering hiring our first OPM and I think a hybrid payment method is the best method. Be sure it rewards the manager for taking on the program with a monthly fee and then transitions them to a percentage of sales so that they continue to grow your business.

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