Hello Everyone,

We are pleased to announce the program launch of SnowboardFusion.com on AvantLink!

Here's another great opportunity to promote the top brands in the winter sports industry with SnowboardFusion.com. High-profile brands include K2, Ride, LibTech, Roxy and more. Service and satisfaction are the priorities of the SnowboardFusion.com team, which makes these guys one of the best online snowboard shops anywhere. The winter and holiday shopping seasons are here, so take a good look at SnowboardFusion.com.

This program offers Affiliates an 8% payout on a 120-day cookie. Additional highlights include:

  • Average Order Size $150
  • 30 Day Return/Exchange Policy
  • 110% Low Price Guarantee
  • Product Datafeed
  • Powder Points Customer Reward Program
  • Product Video Reviews

If you're already an AvantLink Affiliate, you can sign-up for this program by following these steps:
  1. Login to your Affiliate account at AvantLink.com
  2. Select 'Merchants' from the main menu
  3. Locate 'SnowboardFusion.com' in the merchant list
  4. Click to their detail page and then "Apply Now"

If you're interested in applying to the AvantLink network and this program, please use the following URL:

Let us know what we can do to help you get started. Feel free to contact anyone at AvantLink or the SnowboardFusion.com AM Andrew Schaad, aschaad/at/summitsportsinc.com.

Blog Post: SnowboardFusion.com is now live in AvantLink!


Gary & AvantLink