Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the affiliate program!

Program Highlights:

* Bounty Commission:
Education Category - $25
Recruiting Category - $10
* Commission duration 30 Days is the largest online military destination, offering free resources to serve, connect, and inform the 30 million Americans with military affinity. Our tagline is all the benefits of service; in that we connect those with military affinity to benefits they have earned including GI Bill and VA Loan benefits.

We currently have an education offer which helps active duty and veterans use their Gi Bill benefits. The current program, now known as the Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB), is the centerpiece of military education benefits. The bottom line for the GI Bill is a generous one: Active duty servicemembers and veterans can receive a monthly benefit that is valued at nearly $40,000. This tax-free benefit can be used for tuition, books, fees, and living expenses while earning a degree or certification (including undergraduate and graduate degrees), or attending trade school. The Gi Bill campaign should be targeted to US males aged 24-35, ideally with military affinity. A conversion occurs when a person has gone through the GI Bill form and selects at least one school. Please note we require US traffic only, no incentives and no email marketing.

We also have a recruiting offer in which someone can sign up to receive information on joining the military. By filling out our form you can get inside information on what military life is really like, learn about the ASVAB, scholarships, how to get the best signing bonus, and find out if the armed services are right for you. The recruiting offer is best targeted to US males aged 18 - 24. To convert on the offer the user must fill out all required fields and qualify for at least one service. Please note we require US traffic only, no incentives and no email marketing.


Contact: charity.newby[at]