Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the affiliate program!

Program Highlights:

* 10% commission
* Average order value of $179.99
* Commission duration 30 Days
* BYOL available

iPod Car Adapters

Our iPod-Vehicle Search makes sure visitors find the right iPod adapter(s). All of our products offer a satisfaction / compatibility guarantee as well as free lifetime tech support.

The focus of the website is iPod Car Adapters, in particular the vehicle specific direct connections which can be hard to shop for. Many Owners upgrade from FM transmitters to our adapters whichi feature CD Quality Sound, Radio and Steering wheel Track Control, Text, and Charging.

Our website offers high conversion, sales and promotions, conversion optimization, constant maintanace and product updating, immediate help, add-on selling relevant products, average purchase price of 179.99, and more!


Contact: alan[at]