Google Affiliate Network is excited to announce the Spock affiliate program!

Program Highlights:

* $8 bounty
* Commission duration 30 Days
* BYOL available

Spock is an amazing people search engine where you can look for your friends, business associates, celebrities, or anyone else you can think of. Named one of Wired Magazine's Top 10 sites to watch out for in 2007 and 2008, Spock is the leading people search engine on the Web.

What makes Spock so special? Our revolutionary crawling technique enables a user to look for other people a variety of ways including name, location, e-mail, or characteristic (occupation, university, favorite food, etc). Within a search result are pictures, related keywords, news updates and web links to other places a person is on the Web, related people, and even quotes.

Why join Spock? Spock has a number of benefits that you won't find anywhere else. Our revolutionary Address Book Importer, will not only let you know the places your contacts are on the Web, but will also give you news updates on things such as a new Flicker album, a Twitter post, a new Myspace profile picture, or an updated LinkedIn profile. Spock will also help you improve your own ranking on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. Useful for professional as well as social purposes, Spock is a site designed for everyone.

You can use Spock for any number of reasons:
Looking for a Real Estate Agent in San Diego?
An Internist that graduated from LSU?
Or a squash player in New York City to meet up and play

How much does it cost? Spock is just $1.99 a month for our basic package, and $2.99 for our premium members.


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