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    Signing up with CJ: I have an account but no password.
    Hi People, any advice would be much appreciated.

    I completed the application process at CJ a few days ago.
    A software vendor (a good brand that I discuss on my site) had hooked up with CJ - so naturally I wanted to update my site's links to the latest CJ ones. I clicked through to CJ via Vendor's 'become our affiliate at CJ' link.

    Software vendor's affiliate manager noticed my sign-up at CJ and responded very promptly: he sent an email saying (I paraphrase) "Hello: Welcome: What can we do to help?"
    Very nice! Vendor evidently appreciates the efforts of affiliates.

    (Actually, I already knew that. I have already seen as how Vendor has respect among affiliates and provides neato Flash Thingys and Widgets to friends, affiliates and supporters.)

    After a few days I had not heard anything from CJ so I emailed Vendor saying that I have not been informed by CJ of such things as my password and my account number.

    Vendor's first suggestion was I try to log on to CJ with the username and password that I set during the sign-up process.

    Well, I gave CJ an email address, sure enough.
    I would swear black and blue that, during the CJ sign-up process, I never was asked to set a password. I would have remembered if I had made one - because I would have fired up my fave password manager, generated and saved one.
    What happened, as I recall, was that I submitted all my details, saw something that indicated the process was finished, and naturally expected to be informed of the next step by email. You know - the kind of process that happens at most other affiliate centers - they email new people with details about where to log in, what your account details are etc.

    Of course I'm going to feel pretty stupid if everybody here says "You are very clearly asked to set your password during the sign up process... lol, Newb! Fail!"

    But, that aside, I am wondering...

    1. What is the normal sign-up process at CJ?
    Have other people set their password during the sign-up - or does CJ email it to you later?

    2. Are there browser issues with the CJ sign-up?
    Mine was Firefox on Kubuntu. Could that have caused a glitch in the process? (I'm thinking maybe there was some further page at CJ that I should have seen, but it only works with ActiveX - or some scenario like that.)

    I have tried some remedies at CJ: e.g. I used the "lost your password?" page and I sent a message via a related page at CJ for 'other login problems'.
    Of course one cannot even use that page without a CJ account number - "required field". Thankfully Vendor's affiliate manager was able to tell me what my CJ account number is. (He knows more about me than I do!)

    I have not seen any response from CJ to those actions.

    CJ says that if we don't get their email responses it's almost certainly because of our own email security settings.
    But I have extremely loose security settings.
    I even LIKE to see all the spam, emails with potentially dangerous scripts, phishing attempts etc. My ISP only blocks viruses and scripts: I block nothing.
    (I have a site about computer security, so I regard viewing all this spam as part of keeping up-to-date with security issues.)

    I realise I might need to phone CJ. I haven't done that yet because time-zones/awake-hours have not synchronised lately.
    Just thought I'd ask here in case anybody had some 'CJ tips and tricks' that could help.

    Also, I would be embarrassed to ask that affiliate manager for more help - he has already been more than helpful with emails back and forth about a problem that exists in another department, not his.

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    854 - All it asks for is an email address, not an account number.

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    Hi Joshua, thanks for replying.
    Yes, I tried that page. It did not work. I didn't really expect it to work - since it's for forgotten passwords. But, as far as I know, I have never actually had a password.
    As I recall the sign-up process, I was not asked to set a password at that stage. So I assumed one would be emailed to me.

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    Call CJ at 1-800-761-1072. They should be able to solve the problem for you.

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