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    Problems with Google Checkout credit - J&R?
    I noticed a much lower conversion rate for J&R last month and this month compared to some of our other vendors (0.21% order to clickthrough rate on J&R vs. 0.61% on, and this was with some pretty heavy, deal-targeted promotions running to J&R pages on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    December has been even worse than November with 0.16% O/C rate on J&R vs. 1.10% on WalMart.

    So I did a test order using one of our affiliate links (ordered a few items as gifts) and sure enough, the order never showed up in Linkshare. I know J&R has been promoting Google checkout, and that's what I used. I also noticed that even after I checked out (using Google checkout), the items remained in my cart on the J&R web site.

    So I'm wondering if anyone else has seen a problem with Google checkout orders on J&R or any other sites that use Google checkout extensively (TigerDirect, perhaps?).




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    I just sent you an email. We do credit our LS Publishers if GC is used. Looking into the test order, i don't see an LS referral at all. Regardless of GC or not, I would see the referral. Reply to my email and we'll see what's going on with the link.

    J&R Electronics

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