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    [SAS] tracked
    I just made a purchase (a charitable contribution to their Military Chaplain Bible Fund) and it tracked immediately and correctly.

    Christmas time brings heavyweight charitable giving in my house from all family members. Since IBS has been a great merchant of mine this year, and in past years too, and because they deliver hope to so many people, making this contribution that aids our military members (I served for 10 years!) was a perfect fit in our giving plan.

    How the IBS Direct Military Chaplain Bible Fund works:

    And hey, my fellow affiliates, if you've got a mailing list or newsletter or special communication going out to folks, do keep in mind that the sales of these units are commissionable!

    (Andy / ARC, I used my SAS link to also make this donation a test purchase, all went perfectly, please feel free to reverse this commission in the spirit of giving that I intended it to be in the first place.)

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    I second Donuts' sentiments. As part of my charitable giving last year, I donated to the Military Chaplain Bible Fund and will be doing so again this year. Please check it out at the link Donuts provided.

    Oh, and thanks for your service, Donuts!
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    Bibles to Iraq
    Donuts. Thank you for your gift and for your post here. I sent the link to this thread on to our military project manager and here is his reply.

    Thanks, Dennis! How gratifying! I just a few minutes ago got a request from a Chaplain in Iraq for 240 Bibles’’”if there’s anyway you can help us” he said. Part of the gift from this gentleman has answered that Chaplain’s request!

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