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    Tracking a Sale that should have been yours...
    Hope this is not an obvious question but...I have read about many affiliates complaining to their affiliate manager about a "big" sale that was made that they did not receive the commission for.

    How in the world can an affiliate know for sure that a "big" sale was completed and the commission belonged to them? I mean I can understand that you can see who was on your site but how would you be able to see if there was a sale that was not credited to you?


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    Most of the time it is a sale that was made that was reported to them by the person that made the purchase. For membership sites, the member told them, otherwise it could be a family member or friend, or even a personal test purchase.
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    In our cases, we track by our member clicks on our site. We can be FAIRLY certain we are missing commissions because we see the click on our end (sometimes even in network reports) and then make sure that 1) the person only used a coupon on our site and 2) the purchase was made within the cookie length. Every great once in awhile, the merchant will tell us that another affiliate got the commission because the person quickly searched for a coupon and clicked through another coupon site. But more often than that happening, it is just a case that something got dropped in the reporting.
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