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    Paypal Pixel firing delay of 5 seconds
    Forgive me for jumping in late here but I am also have a paypal tracking issue which is derailing a seasonal offer. I have been told by a network wanting to run our offer that paypal is the issue. The adveriser tech I have explained it to PayPal in this way and they seem to agree, though their tech support is not very reliable, that this is the issue.
    I have auto return set up, however there is a 5 second delay to auto-redirect the customer to my return URL from the paypal purchase confirmation page. This is unacceptable since I have a tracking pixel which MUST be called immediately following a sale on the customer's computer (calling it from the IPN page is not effective because the tracking pixel relies on information stored in a cookie on the customer's computer). There are 2 solutions. 1) Eliminate the 5 second delay between the paypal confirmation page and my return URL. 2) Allow me a space on paypal's confirmation page to place my own code where I can put a tracking pixel in order to get the pixel called immediately following a sale.

    The advertiser is receiving all orders through paypal so his own methods are resulting in many sales. Once you mix in tracking and pixels from networks the problems start....the advertiser receives all orders but the pixel may not be fired due to the delay and therefore the sale is not reported.

    Does anyone know how to fix this or better explain what is going on and any workarounds? If so please post something asap as we'd really like to get over this and run the offer.

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    I split this off of the StuffedAnimals thread because it would get buried in there.
    Deborah Carney

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