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    January 17th, 2005
    I guess you could say UncommonGoods is now drinking the Kool-aid. After far too many browser hijacks, much research on the impact of adware, hearing from affiliates who use them to build "loyalty" and of course the many posts to be found at this site, I have done some house cleaning.

    The following affiliates have been removed:

    I will soon be changing the language of our affiliate agreement to forbid any programs which utilize Ncase, Top Moxie or any other adware that redirects, overwrites or "steals" traffic from sites with pure affiliate models or "reminds" natural search traffic to add an additional expense to our business model to simply not apply. You are not welcome here.

    What I do need in our affiliate program is a kick in the pants. Perhaps this move will open the doors for true affiliate programs to quickly act to integrate our products into their site. We have a basic data feed that I can make available and would love to see a few aggressive affiliates come aboard and drive some sales and awareness of our site in the next two weeks. We have some unique and cool products. Perhaps you have a customer base that would benefit from a fresh product offering through that you could market to? If so, lets talk.

    Our program is offered through Linkshare, we pay a 10% commission on merch sales, exclusing freight and gift boxing. We have a return day policy of 0. To entice adoption, I will offer a 5 day return policy, at Haiko's encouragement, once I have reviewed your site and find our products featured in a way that will turn the head of our CEO.

    In pitching this parasite-free position, it is safe to say my you-know-what is on the line. But in my opinion, this is the right move for the company, our affiliates and my own desire in managing this program.

    As my good friends Mr. Bartle and Mr. James spoke so eloquently, "I thank you for your support."

    Jerry Hazell

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    January 17th, 2005
    North Carolina
    Job well done.

    How do I get 5 day cookie?

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    January 17th, 2005
    hi jerry,

    i tried to sign up for your program yesterday, but i was auto-rejected because i am in Europe (i guess that's the reason?). My site targets US traffic, so is there a way to approve me?

    Sorry for hijacking the thread, but i couldn't find a way to PM you, i think i need to have my account upgraded for that? (or how does that work, the help pages didn't say)


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    January 17th, 2005
    Hun- I will have to give you special handling. I have changed the settings in Linkshare to accept your application. If it doesn't work, email me at Look forward to working with you.

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