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    January 17th, 2005
    Just got this from DMNews:

    With the specter of California’s anti-spam bill looming, e-mail marketers breathed a sigh of relief as Congress passed anti-spam legislation that overrides state laws.
    The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 creates a single national standard regulating commercial e-mail to replace the patchwork of state laws. It bans common spamming practices, such as false headers and harvesting e-mail addresses, while imposing regulations on all commercial e-mail.

    The bill does not ban unsolicited commercial e-mail. Instead, it requires that marketers remove customers from their lists when requested. Marketers are required to include a physical address and valid opt-out mechanism in messages along with an honest subject line and notice that the messages are ads. The law holds advertisers responsible for commercial e-mail sent on their behalf.

    Read more here:

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    Well this is interesting. Let's see how many spammers list a PO Box as their address.

    Being in California, I would have prefered the more stringent state law.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by bob95603:
    Well this is interesting. Let's see how many spammers list a PO Box as their address.

    Being in California, I would have prefered the more stringent state law.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>Yea, not much of first step, the last thing I wanna do is click on any link inside a scummy spam message, so the filters will continue to be exercised to death for the foreseeable future

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    Yeah, sounds pretty toothless. I'll leave my filters on, too.

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    They will just all go the route of and others go.

    Skylist is:

    Check your mail, your filters, but these domains are in there.

    For the cost of a new domain name, they will just keep sending. People won't put the puzzle together that this is all the same spammy company.

    They use bandwidth from timewarner to send the mail (AOL anti-spam my ass), dns from (another stringent anti-spam company, right) and host their targets sites at spamhaus favorite, rack"we no longer support spam because we should them a shell game to get around it"

    It took me a week of working on it to put the entire puzzle together, and that is only 1/10 of the domains they send form. If they were legit mailers, why would they need so many domains to send email as?

    They claim to send for other people ala spam crazy topica, but in actuality, every single spam message comes from and for the same company.

    Of course they are members of NAI and DMA. What a crock of associations. Self policing my ass.

    This is just one of about 20 major spamming companies that operate that way in the USA, under full knowledge of supposed anti-spam companies. Time warner even lets them move around and change ip blocks to avoid blockage.

    And you think regular affiliates are bad? Go over to humorweb and see what humor sites think - opt out sending is great, single opt is great - double opt-in?? What are you a commie??

    This will fix nothing. Nothing. Nada. Not a damn thing.


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    January 18th, 2005
    What gets me is they spent FOUR YEARS on this worthless piece of pulp they have the never to call a law now? The IRS needs to check that these congressmen recieve their W2's from these Spammers because they sure weren't working for America when they drafted that bill.

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    I'd like to see if this is as effective as the no call list. We still get just as many calls. In one case, my husband listened to the shpiel and then said we're on the no call list. The guy was like, well why didn't you tell me that? It's not our job to do that bozo..look at the list!

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    That bill has about as much kill power of a sunflower seed shot out Charlies Butt. Every DMA e-mail spammer with have throw away domains for the opt-out process and some whinos cardboard box address at the bottom.

    Bring on the Do not Mail list and watch how 300 Million folks would flock to it getting the message across. 99% of the folks on this earth at any given moment could give a rats ass about buying anything from anyone!

    I'll put up some more Dotster Ads and snag the growth in domain name sales. ought to be snatched real quick. Make the DMA pay me and Charlie a penny/e-mail and we will guarantee delivery....problem is the DMA hasn't figured out a damn thing they can put in a e-mail worth the penny!!!! ....

    Mike & Charlie ...

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