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    Does anyone have a contact at that I could speak to on the telephone?

    We have emailed them a couple of times explaining an idea we have to distribute their certificates through the fundraising distribution channels but the person who responds to me via email does not seem to understand I need to talk to someone and I am looking for a slightly more complex solution than simply promoting their website.
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    hope this helps any?
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    Howard, I emailed you some contact information I had.

    I have a feeling this wouldn't be a very good match for them, in most areas. With a fundraiser, you're usually focused in a single geographic area. has a limited number of certificates available for each restaurant each month. If they're swamped with 1000 new customers from a single area, the gift certificates for those nearest restaurants will sell out quickly, leaving a bad experience for those who couldn't find anything available. Some areas might have enough restaurants to support a big local influx, but many wouldn't. Of course, I could be wrong on this, so I'm sure it's worth checking into.

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