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    Mentor Needed
    Though I'm a student, I'm seriously considering exploiting the realm of affiliation.

    I've very basic knowledge, but i'm quite determined, and quite bright

    Can you help me make say 50 euro a day within two weeks.

    Hey its Xmas!!

    I'm Irish and have a paypal account if that makes any difference

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    Welcome to ABestWeb

    Start here:
    Deborah Carney

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    Quote Originally Posted by leomessi
    Can you help me make say 50 euro a day within two weeks.
    Nothing is going to happen in two weeks. Affiliate marketing isn't a get rich quick process. It will take you two weeks or more just to come up with a good idea.

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    perhaps a good starting point would be to develop a solid understanding of seo and sem (search engine optimization/marketing). assuming you are planning on becoming a publisher rather than a merchant, having this knowledge can help because then you'll be able to find a niche with decent search engine searches on a regular basis, then optimize for that niche and its related keyword and hence bring in traffic for your merchants. from there, the rest would be up to you to find a way to convert those clicks to sales.

    as for sem, which includes ppc and web analytics, this information will help you to identify keywords you should be ranking for and areas of your site(s) which are doing well and where improvements are needed.

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    Do not pay someone.

    You can get help on this forum, and you can search for answers to your questions. There is no need to pay anyone

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    Welcome! The combined knowledge here at ABW is your best mentor...


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    Quote Originally Posted by leomessi
    I'm seriously considering exploiting the realm of affiliation.

    Freudian slip maybe?

    Oh and

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    You won't be able to make big profits within two weeks, but you can get a great start on learning all there is to know about affiliate marketing.

    Since domain names are so cheap and website creation is so easy (with free tolls such as blogger or Ning), I recommend that you spend a couple of weeks reading as much as possible and then start a site and start practicing what you learn.

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    You know, you can really learn a lot in two weeks, however, generating affiliate commissions... not going to happen! Unless you are doing something shady! I would take two weeks, come up with a blueprint and try to learn as much as you can about internet marketing, especially SEO! There is a lot of crap out there so I suggest that you find a good blog or some internet marketing companies offer a "University" where their affiliates and other clients can learn marketing principles for free.

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    Being a newbie myself, I would say that the best advice is to PRACTICE RESTRAINT!

    As enticing as it is to throw some dollars away for PPC and every affiliate tool out there, it's not going to pay off until you know what you're doing. Manage your budgets TIGHTLY and do very small-scale experiments as you get the hang of each piece of the puzzle.

    The more I learn the more I realize I'm lacking additional pieces of the marketing equation that I need to address before I can create an operating profit.

    It's hard, though, not to jump right in and blow a bunch of money.

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