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    Javascript has product pages but PHP does not?
    When you click an individual product link on Javascript version you get a product page but using PHP version it goes to the merchant instead (no product page).

    Is there any way to change that?

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    This is the same for the ASP verison ..

    I'm pondering - is this still in dev ? maybe its part of the new features that are coming up soon !

    "Why upgrade to new version 2.0?
    The current version for GetData code is 2.0. If you are using an older version of the code for a store created before the 2.0 was released, your store will work fine without any problem. Latest version has some additional parameters which will help us in some future tools and releases.

    It is not required but we encourage you to upgrade the existing stores with latest GetData code, so you can take advantage of upcoming tools and features. ""

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    I would like this feature (product view/page) too in the php version.
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    I have also noticed that even though I have the search box shut off, it still shows up on the product pages.

    I would also like to see product pages show up on the PHP version.

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