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    I am trying to create my feed. I have one for but I need to know if it is good enough for my shareasale affiliates. Is it better to upload my feed to shareasale or should I host it myself and let them get it whenever they want. I can create a page for an affiliate to make the page whenever they want it.

    Here is an example. now an SAS merchant.

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    Not too bad and would work, for me anyhow.

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    Lots of duplicate descriptions. That's not great spider food...

    Other than that, it looks workable.

    As for uploading it or hosting it yourself, it's probably better to do it both ways. Those who have set up their system to use SAS format won't want to have to change everything just to run yours. But there are those who will prefer it to be an "outside" feed. Having it in both places makes it more easily accessible to everyone who knows how to use it.

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    I just noticed your new sig. I miss the old one. It has become my mantra.

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    The duplicate descriptions are for the same game but different platform. The description for Playstation 2, xbox, and gamecube are normally the same. Thats not a big deal. I am ranked well at google. Look at google for "madden 2004 ps2" and "xbox live starter kit". On madden I am #1 and on the live kit I am #2..behind amazon. I been doing well with search engines for years. Recently I have started to affiliate route and its doing quite well. My affiliates should be very happy over the next coming years. now an SAS merchant.

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