Just to clarify I've never had an account here before, maybe colleagues of mine had and I haven't asked them, but to clarify I'm not a troll and I'm posting this to complain about an action taken from the affiliate network Filinet.com

I run an incentive based website and worked with Filinet for months, receiving payments regularly. The check for the month of October was sent out from Filinet but for some reason did not arrive by mail as I'm out of America (UK) and I contacted my affiliate manager who asked me to allow it some time. Last week my affiliate manager told me there have been some fraud issues with 1 advertiser however I couldn't get a file with bad leads from him, I couldn't talk to him about it, all he said is that the account would be suspended and it's out of his control.

I was very upset because he also mentioned the fact no payments will be made, and the missing check by mail wouldn't be resent again, it's simply money that won't be paid to me. I am very upset about this because the commissions made with Filinet weren't only from this advertiser, and all of them basically were okay in the long run with Filinet, but they just chose to ignore emails and to not pay for the remaining balance that should be paid. There was no negotiation, nothing, simply account blocked and can't communicate with anyone.

I am very upset about this and wondering what can be done to retrieve the last commissions I deserve to receive accordingly. I would like to know why this action of whipping out affiliate and taking out all his commission, including good commission, why this should become 0.00 payout to the affiliate.

If you have suggestions what can be done, please help.

Thank you for reading.