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    SEO - the final frontier?
    I started a new website about a month ago. I have populated it (sparsely) purely by word of mouth and the help of friends. I want to figure out how to get other people to it. I have tried forums and social networking groups. Only got 2-3 people that way. I did get one visit from ABW person that did not join . I got 1-3 from a Texas bass fishing forum, etc. So -

    #1. How do I reach more people when I have no budget.

    #2. If I bring RSS feeds onto my page are they considered new content to the spiders/bots?

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    RSS Feeds may be read as content but I would not count on it.

    I would do some more reading on SEO. Keep posting consistently. Work on keywords that people type but do not have too much competition.

    Install some tracking software so you can see where your traffic is coming from. That would be keywords that are about as difficult as you can win for right now.

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    Seo ....

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    I wouldn't expect streams of traffic after one month. Have you listed the site in your Webmaster Tools account? Check there for hints.

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