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    I Nominate commissionmonster as the worst Affiliate Network of 2008
    Maybe if they would stop sending out those damn emails telling me LonelyPlanet creative is going to expire or I have generated inactive links for them even though I have not had any of their links on my websites for several years. Even worse was their arrogant response when I emailed for help a while back, yes it was all my fault. Now I try to login so I can put a stop to their crap emails once and for all and change my email address to one I don't use and guess what my login no longer works. So then I use the lost password feature and yes of course I get no email sent even checked junk folder. I have never made a sale on the network nor do I bother trying anymore. The interface there was as bad as it gets too. They are the perfect example of how not to run a network.
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    Tough times mate... This ever get resolved?

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