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    What is the rudest restaurant you have been to?
    The rudeness of its waiters is legendary has deservedly earned the reputation of being the rudest restaurant in the UK. But the Wong Kei is no ordinary Chinese restaurant; it is probably the most famous Chinese restaurant in the world.

    Its motto is that “We are the cheapest in Europe. We are really a canteen, not a restaurant. If you don’t like us, F’k off!”

    When I studied in London during the nineties, I used to go there at least twice a week. I didn’t go there for the food, but really for evening entertainment. It was quite enjoyable seeing the shock on some unsuspecting customers’ faces at the rudeness and abusive behavior. This was the typical sequence of events when you went to the Wong Kei.

    As you walk into door, the waited shout to you “How Many?” After you have answered, he would bark back “Up or Down” (upstairs or downstairs). As you sat on a table, they would slam a teapot with Chinese tea near you, and flung a menu at you. Once you have ordered, they would snatch the menu from you immediately. Just as you finish, they would slam a bill at you even you did not ask. Sometimes, they would even take a newly arrived dish from you saying somebody had ordered it first.

    Of course, there are lots of arguments between customers and waiters all the time.
    Customers get cursed at and quite often thrown out. Among the offences that could get you thrown out include asking for milk and sugar for your Chinese tea, and also asking for a fork and knife instead of using a spoon and chopsticks. I once saw an elderly American couple thrown out after threatening to complain to the British tourism authority. They were told to “go home and make love”.

    There have been reports of fights and customers being beaten up. My girlfriend actually saw a person threatened with choppers. There was also one incident that was widely reported in the press back then. A group of yuppies who dined there became drunk and complained loudly about the food. They demanded to see the chef. The chef promptly came up with a large Chinese chopper and he flung the chopper so hard that it stuck into wooden table. The chef then crossed and his arms and barked “Now who is complaining?” The whole restaurant fell silent.

    It is mainly the first time customers and tourists who were really offended but repeat customers really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, many reported that the restaurant had mellowed recently, possibly after a change in management and also that there are now a lot of competitors offering food that is just a cheap. I wonder if anybody else have any stories to share?

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    Reminds me of a famous tv show:
    NO Soup For YOU!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by simcat
    Reminds me of a famous tv show:
    NO Soup For YOU!!!
    The Soup Nazi (Seinfeld). That was a good one!

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    the rudest restaurant is in Bend Oregon Baltazars Mexican Restaurant, No children under 12 allowed.
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    I have no problems with the Wong Kei because rudeness is one of their attractions.

    However, I have got much more issues with more expensive post restaurants where waiters will give you dark looks and poor service if you do not order expensive stuff, usually alcholic drinks.

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