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    Determining a Winner Product or Winner Program
    We have all in our own ways come across even stumbled across a product or an affiliate program that has turned out to be a winner, meaning its brought in good sales consistently

    Though is it always just stumbling across them or is there a way to tell if a product or an particular affiliate program through a network or independantly is going to doing well?

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    If there is a way to determine a good performer, I would be surprised if anyone was going to give that kind of information out to anyone else.

    To answer your question, no there is no way to determine if a product or merchant is going to do well for you or any other affiliate.

    Different affiliates do well with different products and merchants. What works for one may never work for another

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    If you are just starting out it might be a good idea to look for products and services that will dovetail into content you already have on your site/s.

    If you don't have a site with content other than ads perhaps you might sit down and assess what things interest you the most, what things you have the most knowledge about and what things you feel you can research enough to be comfortable promoting.

    The market share for link farms and coupon only sites are dwindling but if you can provide information and amusement you will not only get more visitors, you will have an attractive platform for merchants and hence to sales and commissions.
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