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    Served with legal documents via Facebook
    An Australian couple who defaulted on their mortgage have been served legally binding court documents via social networking site Facebook.

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    Defaulted mortgage added you as a friend on Facebook. We need to confirm that you know you've defaulted on your mortgage in order for this to be admissible in court.

    To confirm your new increased rates, fees, and inability to procure consumables void the barter system, follow the link below:

    The Facebook Team

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    When I first saw this I was horrified, but then I saw a more detailed report on TV, and it makes a little more sense.

    Facebook was NOT used to effect service of process. There is no way that could have been legal in any democratic society. The defaulting couple had previously been served with the lawsuit, and it was an additional document in the course of the litigation that they were seeking to serve on the defendants. (Actually, a Request to Enter Default, for their failures to respond and to appear at a hearing.)

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