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    Ya we all know it is the thought that counts but it never fails, someone always gives you something stupid, odd, or just weird for Christmas.

    My most odd Christmas present I ever got was from my Grandmother when I was 14 years old. It was a box of those Whitmans Chocolates (so the whole family thought!) so I thought that was pretty cool since I loved chocolate and she knew that I did.

    On the way home all I could think about was getting into that box of chocolates. After a 10 minute ride which seemed like it took 10 hours we finally got home.

    I ripped the shrink wrap off the candy box and opened it up... All the chocolates were gone and the candy box was filled up with those butterscotch hard candies.

    So basically my grandmother bought the box of chocolates, ate them all, put in the hard candy and shrinked wrapped it back up.

    Maybe she couldn't resist the chocolate and thought I wouldn't notice the difference?

    Any other Christmas present stories to share?

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    Well, this was a Christmas present to myself but...

    One year I had the misfortune to be w*rking in Meijer. (For those out of range of Meijer--Meijer is a discount store similar to an overblown K-Mart with a huge grocery store grafted on.)

    One week they had VCRs on sale. But every day, I was too tired to stop and get one on the way out. When I came back to get one on my day off, they were all sold out.

    So I went to WalMart, where I found a similarly cheap VCR and put it on layaway (Meijer pay = Junk!). In making conversation, I mentioned I w*rked at Meijer. Immediately the clerk went totally pale and stammered out, "W-w-why a-are you b-buying it *here* then?" I thought it was very strange that she did that, and that she looked immensely relieved when I told her that it was because Meijer was all sold out of the cheap ones.

    I found out later that WalMart had just sued the tar out of KMart and Meijer both, for sending over employees that would pretend be customers and buy things in order to spy out WalMart prices and layaway policies! Their employees had been ordered to throw all Kmart and Miejer employees out on their ears!

    Actually having to kick someone out of the store is something almost every low-level employee dreads because it's impossible to know what the response will be other than that it'll be BAD--hence the fear when I mentioned w*rking at Meijers and the great relief when I had a good reason for buying it there so she could go ahead and ignore the order.

    It's the most wonderful time of the year!~Old Christmas Song

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    A girlfriend was working in a nursing home and a dear old chap gave her a huge jar of almonds for Christmas.
    She thought it was so sweet until the old fella told her his family always gave him chocolate almonds but because of his false teeth he couldn't eat them, so he just sucked the chocolate off

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    I had a bunch of Christmas presents I bought in a bag on my counter. Presents included a couple of dvds, cds, a sweater and a bratz doll. When I came back from lunch today my dog had them ALL spread out on the floor ... chewed and opened. I'm sure later I will look back on this and but right now, uh, I'm not.

    Worst Christmas present - when I was about 10 I really wanted an Atari. There was a big box that was just the size of an atari box so I saved it to open last. The whole time I was opening presents I was so excited b/c I just knew there was an atari in that box. I opened it and ... it was a suitcase.

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    Back in 86' or so when my dad was still alive he got up one morning and told us that he had the weirdest dream. He said that in the dream it was Christmas and that when checked under the tree, there where about 50 little tiny presents for him from all kinds of people, and when he started opening them, they were all razor blade cartridges!

    Can you guess what we all got dad for Christmas that year and wrapped up individually?

    The look on his face that morning was priceless! He laughed his butt off after he called us all smart@ssess and a mixture of other names!

    (We had real presents hid for him elsewhere that he got later)


    "All I ask is a chance to prove that money can't make me happy."

    "Work to become, not to acquire." -- Confucius

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