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    January 17th, 2005
    Last week I got a new PC and moved from Win98/FrontPage2002 to WinXP/FrontPage2003. I didn't go online until I installed Norton Internet Security & I've downloaded all Windows & Office updates.

    I have two active sites and downloaded them both from my host to my local PC. Graphics began disappearing. Then, new graphics I copied from CJ would appear in code,(and worked when tested locally) but not WYSIWIG. Yesterday, uploads would process, but simply not carry any CJ or BeFree code up to the live site.

    Today, all my CJ, BeFree, Linkshare, & Performics graphic and text links disappeared from the live sites, and almost all disappeared locally. After running adaware & spybot, I managed to get all the text links and most of the graphics to work locally, but the uploads don't seem to do anything, and any graphics downloaded since moving to the new PC don't display.

    BTW, Amazon, Google AdSense, AllPosters and Travelhero (text) links all work and display.

    Any suggestions would be welcome, before all my hair has been rippied out.


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    You might want to have a look at your Norton settings. Make sure you have ad blocking turned off. If you do a search here for Norton Internet Security you’ll find out more.

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    >I didn't go online until I installed Norton
    >Internet Security

    There's your problem.

    Get yourself a computer/OS that is safe on the Internet without forcing you to fork out more money for a program that attempts to plug all the security leaks in the OS and application space.

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    Thanks, NewcastleB. I turned off the ad blocking & most everything is back to normal.

    What really had me freaked was I couldn't even see the code in source view. When they block, they block.

    I also read several of the threads about the issue. It doesn't seem to affect all ads the same on all sites -- although several threads complained about Adsense being blocked, this never happened to me.

    Another issue on the threads was why use Norton? I've been using their anti-virus for a while. While it is admittedly a resource hog, it's worked well for me. The McAfee on my last PC produced more mail for updates than any product I've ever purchased. I've never been hit with a virus, but I needed something to block the 200+ pieces of daily spam through my sites. My ISP keeps my personal mailboxes clean, but I couldn't wade through the junk to deal with my "real" mail.

    Thanks again.


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