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    Interesting if they can pull it off.

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    I love junk like Yahoo and AOL fighting spam. If they just both took serious spam by their own customers, we would all have about 50% less spam. Yahoo hosting, allows all of their customers to spam like crazy. Here is my most recent favorite.

    An anti-spam service, notifing you your email address is now being bought and sold on spam. How do they do this? Thru spam of course.

    They offer to put you on a remove list - that no one uses. It is owned by a russian based person, and requires you pay with a credit card. The C form uses no encryption, and doesn't even validate your credit card.

    It is a spammer, fraud and who knows what else.

    Yahoo's response, they didn't send the spam through our servers.



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    Right on target, Chet. A lot of spammers use free yahoo, hotmail, aol and other similar return addresses and many recipients blame those providers.
    This is their question - charge for email addresses and alienate a large number of users, or try to do something about spam?
    Clearly, the answer is to come up with some effort to combat spam....
    In the meantime, spammers are developing new ideas to circumvent their efforts. The eternal battle between predators and prey - in nature they have a good balance.... it is interesting to see it in cyberspace.
    So we keep pressing the delete button and get rid of the male enlargement emails

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