Please hold for an announcement from our sponsors...

"Are you a ShareASale merchant attending the upcoming Affiliate Summit? If so, we want to hear from you! You are not alone. There are others like you. And together we can experience the fun, the excitement, the sheer joy of Affiliate Summit!

This is not a joke. There are no gimmicks, no ploys, and we're not even asking you to pay any hidden costs. All we want is your contact info, so in case an affiliate wants to get in touch with you at Summit, they can.

Still interested? Contact Carolyn at ctang (at) Your inquiry will be kept discreet."

Yeah, a little too much caffeine today. Basically, we're looking to put together a quick directory to provide affiliates who stop by the ShareASale booth at Affiliate Summit. This way, if they want to get in touch with you while they're in Vegas, they can. All we need is your name, company, ShareASale merchant ID, and some way for them to contact you: cell phone, email, twitter account or room number. The catch is you MUST be reachable. So if you provide your twitter account, please check those @'s and d's!

Sent the info to me at ctang (at) Thanks for playing!