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    January 18th, 2005
    What a day!
    Any of you out there who have a ferret may be able to relate to this.

    I ordered some licorice wheels from Amazon, they arrived today. I opened the bag just enough to get one out, then put the bag back in the box. I put the box on my bed.

    I have 2 ferrets who run loose around the house.

    I just went to get a piece of licorice.

    The freaking ferret (I know which one it was) has been taking the wheels. It was a 5 pound bag, a whole bunch have gone.

    Ferrets are hoarders. They probably added the licorice to their stash.

    I may be having ferret for Christmas lunch!

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    You know what they say Julian -- take a rolled up newspaper and -- whack yourself on the head a few times.

    You should have put the licorice away where the ferrets can't get at it. But I"m guessing you already know that.

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