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    Hello Everyone,

    I do my best when working with a merchant that provides great creatives and promotional material. Mainly because I'm not very creative on my own.

    My question is this: Which merchants do you think provides the best creatives and promotional material? Do you know of any that provide free websites or good full page ads to use to promote their programs?

    I'd love to know of any and all that you can suggest. Thanks.


    ps: I hope that this was the right place to post this question.

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    Some merchants here have some nice tools:

    Mondera and Wonderfulbuys has a site or site template, something like that i think you can use. Pharm merchants have sites you can get, i personally wouldn't touch them, too many current and potential problems.

    You might have to do a little digging for some full page stuff, i think Tiger and Surplus Computers have some, GoToMyPC at CJ has a full page thing, probably some more somewhere.

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