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    Any One Need A New Body Part?
    It seems that a new merchant: has opened an affiliate
    program on SAS with the idea of helping people who need 'body parts' find
    good donors. They popped up and were offering 50% commission, $1/lead
    and $1 per click. They were looking for sale reps.

    Okay we bit. Put up links on 4 of our higher traffic pages, plus one on our jobs page. We also put up some keywords related to health jobs, and the like and sent them PPCSE traffic to the tune of 188 yesterday and 155 yesterday. Needless to say they voided the click payment.

    Now, it is probably not too smart to offer $1/click but they did it and we sent
    them legit traffic ... But they ran out of money ... big company $350 and broke. Then they reversed yesterdays EARNED money and now what you see is the 50% deal and $1/lead.

    I don't have any problem with the change, just not getting paid for the 356
    people we sent to them.

    As for matching donors to people who need, say, a liver transplant QUICK before they croak, this idea is not altogether bad. Last time I talked to David Crosby, he said his liver transplant cost over $100K. But he was happy
    to be still living, just the same.

    Still, you have to be a bit skeptical of people who can't afford a few hundred dollars to get sales reps for a deal that they benefit from to the tune of over
    $500 per month.

    We can always bring out the gallows humor to lighten up the season.

    It could be we are all going to need an new arm and leg given Linkshare's One Cause charity ponzi scheme.

    Oh well ... say old stuff, different day.

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    Super Dawg Member Phil Kaufman aka AffiliateHound's Avatar
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    Their "business plan" as you have described it sounds totally illegal. For organ transplants, you have to go through the authorized organ donor registry, which assigns position according to various established factors. It is illegal to go out into the marketplace and pay a donor for an organ, as you describe their operation. Anyone who assists in black market organ purchases could be guilty of conspiracy to commit a felony.

    Either they operate a bit differently then you describe, or I would not think they will be in business too long.

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    I should think playing Dr. Frankenstein these days would be at least borderline illgegal ...

    However, I have considered harvesting body parts from a variety of folks connected to Linksuck and CJ to use for chum when we go shark fishing.

    On second thought, it would probably be more fun to just throw the crooks into a pool of hungry Piranha, and watch them get gobbled up like they gobble up sales we make but they credit to OneCause.

    Maybe we should might get a commission if we matched One Cause with

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    How many calls or emails did you get from Ruben offering his "sales reps" new "business cards"? Merchants are offering business card to their affiliates? It's new. With what title? Matching Donors Sales Representative. Are they going to put us on their payroll?
    I don't know about the legal aspect of Matching Donors business plan and affiliate program but I know one thing for sure, they have no idea of what is Affiliate Marketing.
    I saw the offer for $1/lead and $1 per click. If it sounds too Good to be True... It probably is!
    They have not paid anybody: Campaign Start Date: July/08/2008:
    Doesn't look right 7 Day $0.00 30 Day $0.00
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    The first impression is CREEPY , the second is ILLEGAL . I'm amazed they were able to sneak onto ShareASale. Was someone asleep at the wheel? I know it is holiday season and things are awful busy but really...
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    Do you think if we can sell Bernie Madof's body parts we can recover the $50 BILLION he stole ... I'm sure it would do well as a reality show ... what am I bid for Bernies left kidney ... come on folks make a bid.

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    Maybe you should send John Cleese over there and tell them he is there to collect their livers.

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    Anyone in here willing to help me understand what i'm doing wrong on saleshare? I've been posting like crazy for about 3 months now and haven't eaned any thing. Maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. I've tried posing to free classifieds and to ppc sites and I'm getting just a little traffic but no sales. If anyone has any kind of info or advice for me that would be greatly appreicated.

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    HD ... it's a dog eat dog game this affiliate marketing adventure.

    The one sure way to EVENTUALLY make some sales is to pick a product or service that is in demand ... make a single page for that product and tell everyone WHY they should buy ... throw in pictures and if you can find some testimonials.

    If the product is from a specific merchant tell the people something about that merchant, their customer service, shipping and any special deals they
    have going for that one product.

    Send the person who reads your page direct to the check out for that product. If they want to buy it they will buy it right now. If they are just
    looking they will likely bookmark your site and/or the check out page for the product.

    Buy some PPC ads on keywords that DIRECTLY relate to the product and the product name - do not use the brand name if the merchants has a restriction on using it. Keep good accounts of the amount you spend for PPC. Bid high to begin with, then drop the bids to a place price where you still get some traffic but if you do not make sales right away. Normally, if you presell the product or service, you should make ONE sale for every 200 or so clicks.

    Make one page for one product or service working day for a month. At the end of the month you will have 20 products or services in your sales arsenal.

    If you can make one sale per week per product or service, you should be able to make a profit ... if you make one per day per product or service on average you will be making good money. If one or more products or services seems to be doing much better than another, channel more money into the PPC ... eventually, if you site is really good, you will move up the search engine placement ladder and when you make the first page on Google, your will get enough FREE traffic to make more sales and effectively lower your
    PPC costs.

    Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick endeavor. It may take you 3 months or even more to get to where you are making more than what it takes to cover your costs. But eventually, when you learn the ropes, you can start making bigger profits ... one of the keys is to focus on what people are actually buying online ... if you can command a good chunk of traffic to those products, you can sell a bunch of product and make the big bucks.

    For example: If you get 100 people to view one product page and 4 buy and you get another 100 to view another product page but only one buys, take most of the money you are spending on Product Two and move it to Product One. Keep just enough traffic going to product two to keep it active.

    That's how you do, money for nothing, chicks cost all you make.

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