We are pleased to announce that our Management Area is newly updated to provide our affiliates and merchants with a truly global platform. This latest release is designed to support our affiliate's business operations in the US, UK, and our expanding list of European countries.

A few of our new features include:

Multi-Currency Support
Affiliate data is reported in the currency in which the sales were generated. For each currency that generates transactions, a column will be added to reports.

New Payment Options
Affiliates can select to be paid in multiple currencies depending on their operating areas, and will receive a separate payment for each currency.

More Program Access
Affiliates can now see and sign up to programs in all countries supported by the buy.at network, including the US, UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Also, more programs in new countries will be available next year!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to any members of our team - we're happy to help!