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    January 17th, 2005
    Merry Christmas, Snow & Timing.
    I'm dreaming of a White Christmas ... and the weather man looks to have done his part, promising SNOW for Christmas just about everywhere it tends to snow and even in places that get very little if any.

    And since Christmas is on a Thursday ... many people are taking a FOUR DAY vacation. This fact is great news for affiliate marketers ... snowed in with nothing to do but shovel snow, most people will be on their puters bigtime and longtime. That spells opportunity.

    Some will be playing games. Some will be surfing away. Some will be looking for an buying the stuff they wanted but didn't get from Santa. Some will be looking for deal-deals for next week to explode in a last minute frenzy of buying. Sounds like the perfect time to ramp up some traffic to dig out buyers from the snowbound or worst case set a bunch of cookies that can
    pop some moola in your pocket over the next week.

    Ho...Ho...Ho... Merry Christmas to all.

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    Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too, net4biz.

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    You make a really good point. People are going to be so tired from shoveling or plowing their drive-ways that they will just want to surf the net and warm up with a cup of hot coco.

    There are two downsides, however. If it snows too much, some people may have their internet knocked out. Also, since it is the the holoiday season, many people will probably have friends or family over and will not have time to go bargain-hunting on the net. A third thing is that this late in the season most people will have completed their holiday shopping. The peoople you would catch would probably be looking for deals for themselves and not others.

    I am not trying to be a ; I am just throwing up some possible scenarios. Overall, your point is valid and affiliate marketers should definitely make on more push to get that last holiday dollar!

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    Happy New Year

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    This makes me think... it might be an interesting angle, advertising wise, to go with a "you bought them get yourself something!" kind of promotion for this end of the year lull week between Christmas and New Years.

    Not sure I've seen any ads take this kind of fun position... could be successful.

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