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    New Tool to Monetize Textbook / Book / College Student Traffic
    Campusbooks has been a textbook price comparison site for over 10 years. Our primary business is designed around driving traffic to our site and monetizing it through affiliate relationships.

    When taking a step back and looking at the industry I noticed that the one thing we do really well (much better than many other price comparison sites) was our price comparison technology. From this basis we sought out to create a partner program for our website that empowers other websites to integrate our technology and monetize book traffic.

    We are ready to launch this program and I wanted to get your feedback on the program, how it works and anything you think we may be missing.

    How to integrate with out site-
    1) API - full API access with documentation
    2) Direct Links - banners or text
    3) Widget - a fully customizable widget including size, color and merchant options

    How our partners get paid
    - We manage all affiliate relationships
    - Partners make a revenue share based on converted sales
    - Commissions are based on "published" rates for merchants
    (for instance for Amazon you get the same tier, for you get the same flat commission)
    - Payments are made 60 days after the end of the month in which the sale occurs
    - All cookies rules from the affiliate program apply to partners

    - limits to PPC campaigns based on trademark keywords
    - You can not run a reward or incentive based website
    - We must approve the content of your site

    Network Capabilities
    - We have built in room for a network to promote this product but the margins are very slim
    - Limitations on the ability to provide pixel tracking

    Beta Sites:
    (these are both using our widget 1.0 but will change to the new widget)

    You can view the widget at
    These are not site or partner specific to be partner specific you need to sign up at:

    Why share this all with you?
    I may not do a lot of posts but I do read a lot of what goes on here. I respect the opinion of the users of this post and would like to get feedback on this tool, how we designed the program and what you think would be necessary if any changes were made.

    The program was not specifically designed to promote to affiliates. Many of our beta partners are not in the affiliate arena at all. I do however, feel that affiliates could benefit from this tool and have seen some similar tools that I think we can compete with.

    Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide.

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    I know you mentioned that this is not intended for affiliate arena, but think it could be useful.

    I was wondering if I understand you correctly.

    Basically, Any books purchased through my site will earn me the same commission that I would earn as if I were signed up with those affiliates individually. (For example. say amazon offers 7% commission on each product, If I use campusbooks partner program I will receive 7% of the amazon product price if bought through my site.

    If true, which I don't think it is, that would mean your company makes no money?? What % does your company pull?

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    How we pay
    We don't discuss how we make money but you are correct in that you do earn the same tier.

    The program is live and can be found at if you want to learn more. Or you can PM me.

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    Is this only for U.S. Affiliates?

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    I tried to sign up and I talked to someone, but I have not heard back from them. Since my site is in development I had to explain what my site was about etc.. which I did.

    I wanted to integrate the program into the site via API, however I cannot get a hold of anyone.

    Can you help

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