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    Google AdSense for Domains
    If you haven't noticed, they opened this up for all users now.

    I have about 110 domains I have not developed. Through the years I have put up my own version of a parking page, but I am lazy. I always used this as a motivator, develop or lose money. At this point about $800 a year.

    So I signed up all my "parked" domains to the google program and took half a day and converted them over.

    First. Their filter is bizarre. Domains I thought they would reject they accepted, and really simple ones with nothing offensive in the name they rejected. All told, they rejected 16 domains. So that puts 94 domains in the earning pool.

    To break even I need to make $2.20 a day. None of the domains is all that recently developed (at least 1 year out) so I would hope the revenue would remain (at least the "click") constant. In advanced reports you can see details by domain.

    With a week of data (a slow week for most of my sites) I have earned between $2.50 and $30 a day. Worth doing if the numbers hold up or even decline.

    So if you have a bunch of domains sitting around, take an hour, set them up.


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    Thanks for passing along chet..good info to know. I've got a few domains, more like 5 or 6, sitting around partially or totally undeveloped that I might give a shot at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chetf
    If you haven't noticed, they opened this up for all users now.
    Hardly available to all users now.

    The adsense blog says:
    Quote Originally Posted by adsenseblog
    "The product will be initially rolled out in phases to English-language AdSense publishers located in North America"
    And by "North America" they just mean USA and Canada not all North America.

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    Interesting and very good to know! Thanks for the heads up!

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