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    Learning Shareasale lingo
    I'm just getting started with affiliate sales as a way of adding income to my existing website. Registered with Shareasale today and although it has been very easy for me to find and register with appropriate merchants, I am having a little trouble figuring out what terms like "7 day EPC" and "7 Day Renewal" and "Datafeeds" mean. Is there someplace I go to get basic, beginner user info?

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    Welcome to ABW BonnieBee,
    There is a search button at the top of the page that is very useful also.
    EPC stands for Earning Per Click, 7 Day Renewal not really sure what that is myself.
    I'll have to research that one. Datafeeds is a list of the merchants products.
    Hope this helps get you started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonnieBee
    "7 Day Renewal"
    You've probably referring to a "7 Day Reversal Ratio", or the percentage of affiliate orders that was reversed by the merchant in the course of the past 7 days.

    "Datafeeds" are essentially files (.CSV, .XML, .XLS or any other type) that list information on the merchant's products (such as product ID, product name, description, URL to product's thumbnail image, close-up image, price, stock availability, etc.) and allow you to import them into affiliate websites to put together stores of your own. If you're a novice in this, tools like PopShops and GoldenCAN come in extremely handy.

    ...also WebMerge. ShareASale Edition is well worth the money.

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    Don't feel bad all the jargon online keeps me on my toes. LOL
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    Shareasale datafeeds are csv files that are pipe delimited. They are, as noted above, links to the products, and images, to all the products a merchant has. You can also access the products in the datafeeds via the Shareasale Make A Page tool, listed under "Get Links".
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    What is "7 Day Renewal"?

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    Great! Thanks, all, for the information.

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