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    19 are they making money?
    Does anyone know how makes money? Is this an easy site to build? Just looking for some insight from some veterans...I am trying to find a website developer that could design a similar site for another industry...not restaurants. Thanks

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    I was going to look and see if I could tell you, but it firstly had no results for my zip (in a moderately sized city), and then froze up my browser.

    So I gave it a second try, and searched for 90210 and got the same result (minus the frozen browser): Oops! Either Meal Chime hasn't been able to get to this zip code yet, or you might need to expand your search a little.

    So I can't even imagine how they make any money since they seemingly have no listings in even the most popular zip code in the country!

    So I tried a third time, with a St Louis zip code (since this is on a St Louis FOX affiliate site) and finally got some results. More browser freezing. This is just a horrible site.

    Since it's tied to a FOX affiliate they may just offer this is as a free resource, but I don't see any use in it, even if it's still in Beta, two searches turned up no results. I would just go somewhere else.

    They say you can advertise, but have to email to find out anything about it. Maybe they give a basic listing and you pay for extras on the listing, to list coupons, specials, etc. But I know I won't use that site again.

    Thats a typical occurence and what I'm building a site for, albeit in another industry. Well two actually, one national, one local. They're not hard to build at all, you just have to have the data. Which is the time consuming part on my end. But I'd rather collect it first hand and know it's damn near accurate than buy it second hand and hope its right.

    What is
    It’s Your One-Stop Dining and Deals Resource! No its not!
    If you’re one of the billions of people who like to eat, helps you find all the juicy tidbits you crave at a price you can live with.

    You just tell us…
    where you are
    what you’re in the mood to eat
    …and we’ll serve you up some information on all the restaurants in your area that match your preference No you won't!

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    Looks like just another pay for inclusion restaurant directory, but with a fancy interface. It worked great for my zipcode, apparently not for some others.

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    Mobilebadboy...thanks for your remarks. Is there someone you might refer me to if I wanted a coupon site built? I guess that gets paid by restaurants for every coupon that is printed...your thoughts. Thanks!

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