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    November 14th, 2007
    Linkshare owes me money and I don't know what to do...
    Hi, all, I don't post here much, but I have a problem and don't know where to go.

    I'm a publisher that uses one merchant through LS (I am ready to post links for another one, but they will have to pay me to continue getting my traffic).

    Here's the deal:

    1. There's an $80 check that was issued in May but never cashed, as I was transferring to direct deposit, and lost the check.

    2. Then there were commissions of $160 in October.

    3. Then there were an additional $80 in commissions in November.

    I've been calling and emailing since mid-November to get these payments issued and my merchant (advertiser) has made TWO payments to LS since I started contacting them. Every time I contact them it's a different answer. Last time it was something to the effect that LS pays two months after actions, so my Oct. commissions will be available end of December.

    Well, it's the end of December and I still don't have any money from these thieves.

    I've been real lax about this because the amounts are so small, but I'm running on an extremely tight margin this month, and I'm ready to go to small claims court if I have to. They have already altered my '08 revenue projections, which means I'm going to have to go back to my accountant and spend more money.

    If anyone out there knows of someone with some juice at LS, please have them email me.

    Many thanks, and a happy healthy new year to all.

    Brendan Regan
    Outernets Web Publishing, LLC

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    Oh I am sorry you too. This is actually my first time having a issue w/linkshare or the merchnt too, my nov. payment has not been issued
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