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    My name is Christopher and I am an Account Manager with Montgomery Research Publisher’s of Revenue Magazine. The affiliate community has been great to work with and we are well on our way to launching an offline publication just for affiliates. I know there is some concerns regarding our associations and in an effort to spread the word about our mission and goals I’m posting some words from our Editor and Chief. If you have any questions regarding our affiliate program or magazine please feel free to contact me at ~~~~

    Here’s the story on Revenue:

    1) Revenue is a magazine all about Internet affiliate marketing. It’s written for affiliates and program managers to promote practices that will help affiliates increase revenue. It will cover design, technology, marketing, management, tracking, search engines and a lot more.

    2) Revenue will be published by Montgomery Research, a company that has long focused on the convergence of technology and business. Although the magazine was first conceived as a joint project with Herby Olschewski’s IAFMA, we have decided instead to work independently with scores of people in the affiliate community to present a wider universe of viewpoints.

    3) Revenue will be distributed nationally through retailers starting in January. It’s also available through subscriptions, and we’ve set up an affiliate program to help market the subscriptions.

    We’re interested in hearing your story suggestions, success stories, interesting strategies and other information that would be of real benefit to the affiliate community. Anyone with any questions is welcome to send them to me and, if I can’t answer them, I’ll try to find out the answer. Folks can reach me at

    Bottom line: Affiliate marketing is growing up quickly and the launch of Revenue is a milestone along that road, a monument to entrepreneurial affiliates who are changing the very nature of e-tailing with their style, enthusiasm and hard work. We’re working hard to meet and exceed their already high standards and to make a real contribution to the world of affiliate marketing.

    Cheers, Tom

    Tom Murphy
    Editor in Chief


    Thank you,
    Chris Smith

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    Sounds like an great idea for a publication. I have been working with affiliate marketing since 1998 and was wondering when someone would develop an offline publication.

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