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    Remove your Crevax links - 1% commission
    I recommend anyone that is promoting Crevax weight loss pills to remove their links as they switched from 30% commissions to 1% commissions without telling anyone. I had sent them an email with no response back. (I noticed they changed the rate to 1% at as well)

    Last email I got from them on June 12th, 2008 -

    "We've just upgraded our affiliate program, so that you could earn 30% every sale!

    Average sale is $100!! Join today!!!"
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    hmmmm..sounds suspiciously similar to a few other programs on SAS in the past few days. 30% commission to sign up suddenly drops to 1% on Viswiss and Vilift too.

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    Could be connected to these guys -

    Dropped from 30% down to 1% as well.

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    All these programs are from the same company:
    A division of Nathans Natural, Inc.
    1133 Broadway., New York, NY 10010

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    There are a lot of merchants who decided to stop paying their affiliates because of the global drop in earnings. They will void sales, they reduce the commission to ridicules rates.

    I believe they count on that we won't remove our links and we will keep them as long as it is possible it's free traffic for them.

    We must teach them - remove their links as soon as possible ... and find another programs. I am tired of such merchants.

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    It's like little kids, if there are no consequences for bad actions, their bad behaviour just gets worse.
    .25% commisions, reversals, embracing parasites, whatever.

    Good thing is generally shareasale is better re: most of these things than other networks.

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