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    Php Page / Form Processing / Mysql Insert / No Page Refresh
    I have a php page that has a form on it for the user to fill in. Upon submit of that form, I would like to insert the data from the form into my database table called tableA, and then refresh a div tag on the same page with updated data from tableA.

    And I would like to do all of this without refreshing the entire php page. I assume this has something to do with ajax.

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    It's definetly an ajax thing

    checkout prototype.js it's open source and easy to implement

    you can get a copy at prototypejs[dot]org I use it for a lot of my ajax forms


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    I implemented something like this just a few months ago..

    Try as a resource..
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    Just call a Javascript function upon clicking the submit button then inside this function grab and escape() each form value. Then use a basic AJAX call to pass the data to a PHP script. No real need to complicate things with a Javascript library in this situation.

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