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    AdSense, Adbrite, or None?
    I'm just starting to set up my own site and I just had a quick question about advertisements. To earn a little extra cash should I implement adsense into my site? I'm note really clear on the differences of adbrite and adsense. My understanding is that they're about the same. If someone who has experiece with either one could let me know what they think that would be awesome.

    I also wanted to know whether or not to put ads on my site. Some sites that I have seen that have ads aren't very good. The ad placement is horrible, which makes the site degrading. All I want to do is put a little block of ads on my sidebar, nothing to big.

    Well, thanks for the help.
    -Tyler D. | Byty

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    anytime you pay per click you need to be prepeared to manage the ads and keywords closely or you can spend a lot of money without much gain,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcswee01
    anytime you pay per click you need to be prepeared to manage the ads and keywords closely or you can spend a lot of money without much gain,
    Think that's more for Adwords.

    "To earn a little extra cash should I implement adsense into my site?"

    You should experiment with it and get real results, your own. I have seen sites that go way overboard with the ads and they don't look too good. But try them out, different placements etc, see if you can find some placements you like and make you money.

    With Adbrite, I know they have some different options. One being a flat rate, $$ amount for a slot, for a specified time. Another getting paid per click like Adsense. But with Adbrite, I think you know exactly how much you'll get paid for each click, with Adsense it can vary. In the end, it's really about testing all this stuff out for yourself. It's the only way to know for sure.

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    Adbrite normally has a much lower quality of ads, but I think they let their ads appear on more questionable sites. You're much more likely to find those flashy blinky, click here you're the X winner ads on their network.

    There are plenty of existing threads discussing the use of Adsense.

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    I've used both Adsense and AdBrite(very sparingly).

    I run AdSense on an arcade type site I own and have had nice success with it. They are one of the most consistent incomes I've had over the last 5 years. When other programs are down, I can count on that AdSense deposit every month to be steady.

    I ran AdBrite because I have had many requests from advertisers interested in buying ad space on my niche content site. I thought I could run AdBrite to handle this in a maintenance free setting. It was a disaster. Also, AdBrite does NOT serve targeted ads based on your content. They do have several other features that may work for you. I recommend looking into them and see if they are a good fit for you.

    Test and test some more. Use ads very sparingly but effective. Use custom ID's for each ad and remove ads that aren't producing for you.

    Good luck!

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    Adbrite is good for buying cheap ads.

    Adsense is good for monetizing a content site until you have better options.

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    Adsense is prefered unless your site contains content Google deems unacceptable, at least when it come to adsense.

    porn, drugs, hacking, excessive profanity, gambling, guns, tobacco, etc

    If I recall adbrite doesn't have an issue with porn, not sure of the others, but I suspect adbrite isn't as 'moral' as google is.

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