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    How do you keep organized?
    Hello everyone,
    I'm a newbie and as such I've been doing a massive amount of research and collecting of anything I can find that seems valuable to making money online.

    I now have tons of info that I want to start putting to use but find I basically have huge files of info and can't seem to access what I want without a bunch of time searching for it.

    Reading through the forums I know there are programs that people are using to keep all their info and projects organized but I just cant seem to find what it is.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might have!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mmfh
    Hello everyone,
    I've been doing a massive amount of research ... I now have tons of info that I want to start putting to use but find I basically have huge files of info and can't seem to access what I want without a bunch of time searching for it.
    Have you thought of using tools from Google? It's easy to combine/transfer the information when using the "Google tools."
    You can open an additional Gmail account. Gmail gives you tons of space. Right now I get a message: "You are currently using 251 MB (3%) of your 7280 MB."
    Gmail is great: I send e-mail to myself in gmail often and its search makes the topic easy to find.
    If you get your affiliate e-mail sent to another address you can send the more important e-mails to your gmail account [you can "doctor it up" to be more private if the fact that Google "reads/scans" your e-mail to provide ads in the margin bothers you -- I prefer to do that. All affiliate mail based on my sites' e-mail goes to my main ISP e-mail--sometimes it takes a while to read all of that stuff--some of the e-mail goes to gmail but is "doctored" first although I am sure Google has figured out who I am by this time -- can you imagine what Google could possibly do with all that info in their databases?].

    Google offers many organizing tools. Some you may find handy are: Google notebook & the other products.
    I find Google's Blogger handy in terms of keeping private blogs devoted to topics that I don't publish on the web. Blogger blogs now have labels so it's easy to sort information especially if your blog is private and you are saving the information for yourself.

    Sometimes I type myself notes in notepad and store the topics within a folder in my computer.
    If you have multiple folders with substantial info, copy the folders to a CD.

    Something really good might merit a print-out You can keep print-outs in scrapbooks; they need not be fancy, you can use the "marble notebooks" everyone used in elementary school -- those notebooks are cheap yet pretty sturdy so you can paste print-outs into them or you can choose from fancier types of scrapbooks & notebooks.

    Another basic way of storing research [you print out] is to use binders.

    You could read out loud into a tape recorder if you don't like to type or write.
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    Ya I use notepad a lot to take notes in. Then I save them with names that I can figure out later. Like "down010408.txt" would be domain names that I have noticed are not reserved on that day for a project. Notepad .txt files load very quick too.

    And they can be copy pasted to Word to check spelling if you are writing a blog post or some web copy.

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    Like Rhia7, I email myself lots. It seems strange but does work.

    I also use to bookmark anything i might need later. This is especially helpful with the tagging system. e.g if I see a php script for social networks that works with adsense i'll tag it with the most pertinent keywords (php,script,social,network,adsense) and any personal reminder tags so I can call it up later by what ever tag I think of first.

    Other than that I also keep some work/reminder/links folders in the root folder of the local copy of any sites.
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    What I do is similar, I keep all the information and links I need in an Excel format and I distribute the info from there

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    Great idea's!
    Thanks everyone!
    I knew you guys would be helpful. This may sound like what planet have you been on but I had never thought about using Google as anything other than a search engine. Emailing things to myself is also a great idea, I like gmail and I could have a few accounts depending on what I want to save.

    I'm going to do some research on that after I poke around here on the forum for a few.

    Thanks very much!!


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    In my start up I have notepad. So notepad is always open. Then I just add things to it during the day. At night before I turn off computer I go through it and cut and paste important stuff. 90% of it gets deleted.

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    The more research I do the more things I end up keeping. I have more articles and ebooks than I can count. I've read them all but really need to be able to get to the ones I want when I have a question about something that I know I have read.
    So far I now have several gmail accounts and I have been trying to send things to myself under accounts that mean certain things. One account is now ebooks, one account is tools. I have one for everything I can find from a respected marketer.
    Its not perfect but its getting me in the right direction.

    I'll use notepad as you suggested for taking notes to myself during the day.

    Thanks very much!


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