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    Is Landing Page necessary ?

    I am new be and would like to know it i am using a ppc campaign for any affiliate program is a landing page required ? or can i directly use the tracking code in the destination URL code? any good tool for creating landing page ?
    any more inputs about landing page would be helpful.


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    Affiliate marketing is all about targeting your message. This question might get more relevant answers if it was posted in the forum that deals with PPC instead of the Affiliate Managers > Merchant Best Practices forum.

    Most merchants do not permit you to use their URL to pretend that you are them, it can cost them unearned money to pay commissions on traffic that is already looking for them. Some merchants do permit it, those URLs are most likely taken by now.

    Google says your display URL and landing page domain must match so you really need to think about building a landing page. Your PPC costs go up or down depending on the quality, relevance and site of that landing page so it pays to build a good informative page.

    PPC is not as easy as the ebooks make it sound, you can throw away a lot of money by just diving in. Read through the forum where PPC is being discussed and you can learn a lot, and save some money.

    At the top of the page, in the navigation bar there is a search feature that helps you find the right place to read more.
    Good luck and welcome to ABW.

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