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    Cool Investigating Affiliate Marketing
    Very Interested in Affiliate Marketing but no solid guidance on best practices other than areas and links that appear to be scams. Any suggestions on individuals or legitimate links for a rookie to turn to for building the foundation of my business?

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    The best thing you can do is to read forums like this one. Lots of honest information without needing to fork over an entry fee.

    There are many legitmate areas of affiliate marketing. The main goal is to generate lots of traffic (preferably repeat traffic) and then monetize that traffic with advertising or by selling products (with direct sales or through affiliate links).

    The monetization part is fairly easy because it just involves lots of testing and stat watching. I think generating traffic is the hardest part.

    Good luck with your efforts and I encourage you to ask your specific questions when they arise.

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    You can use the search box to find pretty much anything you are looking for. Just enter the keyword or keyword phrase you would like to learn about and you will get loads of threads on the subject.


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    I will keep moving forward

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    Welcome to ABW! There is lots to learn, but there are a lot of knowledgeable people here who can answer your specific questions.

    Dig in to the posts and welcome!
    Heather Boulding
    Affiliate Manager,
    [t] 250.412.3247
    [URL=]AbeBooks Affiliate Program[/URL]

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    As said before, read AM forums, especially AbestWeb.

    One thing I must say is this: do not pay money for any ebook. They all mostly contain basic or outdated stuff. The extravagant claims thay make are extremely best case scenarios.

    There are some good ebooks out there and they are free. Although these ebooks seem promote some affiliate programs, the information contained is still useful.

    Two good titles include the Affiliate Masters Course which you can download here (scroll to the bottom of the page) and SEO Made Easy.

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