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    This month my sales have absolutely crashed and I cannot understand why ? Someone once mentioned that up to 30% of all affiliate sales are lost due to thieves getting in and changing the affiliate code - the question is how to spot such occurences and prevent them happening.

    Any views or comments will be much appreciated.


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    January 17th, 2005
    Q : How do I spot affiliate link thieves?
    A : Go to and look for the bald guy wearing glasses

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    in the PhillyBurbs!

    Honestly, what is with you today?

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    Another way to identify link thieves is to pick them out from the following police line up

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    JJJay is full of it today! Although I have a hard time finding the right rat in the line-up because they are facing the wrong way.


    Hands up... face the wall... don't move...

    Sorry, this is a serious matter, I just couldn't help commenting on Jays funny comments and picture.

    Northern Studio is right. Sometimes affiliates that are just learning about the parasite issue think parasites are something that just randomly steals commission. They can't steal from you unless they are partnered with the merchant. So one way to avoid them is to only partner with parasite-free merchants like the ones here on ABW.

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    I don't know how to spot actual occurances but you might look at the Parasiteware forum here. has a good detector script to inform visitors that they are infected with specific parasites.

    What I do to prevent scumware is to feature merchants that come to these forums and demonstrate their anti-parasite policy. Other than a handfull of merchants I've come to trust through their participation here, I assume all the network merchants are in bed with the parasites. I populated my new shopping site with lots of these and am dropping them one-by-one as I find merchants with integrity.

    By the way, your signature line cites Alexa as if it is a legitimate barometer of website rank. Based on a spyware toolbar and limited in use and scope, I believe Alexa "ranking" to be meaningless. Read the Alexa toolbar "Privacy Policy." On the scumware ladder, spyware is only one rung above the parasiteware we are discussing.

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    far far away....
    there are many programs available to "lock" your links to slowdown the "rats"...

    I have tried/promted most of them... I find the
    best method is the use link masking "link redirection"

    I use link masking and tracking links to hide the actual disatination of the link..


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    Could you give us an example of that?

    For my own links, I generally redirect to avoid penalization rather than to avoid 'rats'. I'd have a link on the page like /_private/mylink.asp -- and inside the link a redirect to the real affiliate program link. Is this what you mean, or do you have another trick or reference to the technique?

    Thanks, Marty R. Milette
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